How do I cancel my RINGR subscription plan?

First off, we're sorry you want to leave. If you can spare a moment do let us know at before you go.

If you subscribed via Credit Card or Google play you can cancel your subscription at by hitting the 'cancel subscription' button:

This will stop your subscription from renewing and it will end automatically on your next renewal date. Once cancelled, you'll be presented with all our currently available subscription options and can resubscribe immediately if desired (if you switch plans we'll offset the cost of the new plan against any remaining days on your current plan or (if resubscribing or changing billing period) we'll defer the new payment until your next renewal).

The process for iTunes Appstore subscribers is a little different. As we can't administrate iTunes subscriptions directly, iOS users will need to head on over to the iTunes store to cancel their subscription (a 'cancel subscription' link is provided in the RINGR subscription panel to take you there):

For more info on managing your subscription via the Appstore please see this Apple support article.

When done, reopen RINGR (Or logout and in again) to pick up the change to your subscription status.

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