How do I switch subscription plans

If you are looking to switch to a different RINGR subscription, it probably because you'd like to:

However, if your query relates to a RINGR Enterprise account, please contact


Upgrade from RINGR Basic to Premium

If you've decided to upgrade from RINGR Basic to RINGR Premium then head over to your RINGR account settings. Please use on the platform you originally subscribed on.

Credit card subscribers should head to the account site:, where you'll find an upgrade prompt:



Google Play subscribers should open the RINGR mobile app on their android device and use the menu to open the Subscription panel:



...where you'll be presented with upgrade options.



iOS subscribers will first need to cancel their current subscription before changing plans. To do this, click cancel subscription:



...which will send you to the iTunes store, where you can cancel your current subscription (or change the billing period). For more details on managing your subscription via the Appstore, please see this Apple support article.

Once you've changed your subscription, you may need to close and reopen RINGR, or logout and in again to observe this change You should then be able to head back on over to the Subscription panel and select a new plan:



Downgrade from RINGR Premium to Basic

To downgrade from RINGR Premium to RINGR Basic plan you first need to cancel your current subscription. If you subscribed via Credit Card or Google play you can do this at by via the Cancel Subscription button:



Afterwards, you'll be presented with all the available subscription options and can resubscribe:



The process for iTunes Appstore subscribers is a little different. As we can't administrate iTunes subscriptions directly, iOS users will need to head to the iTunes store to cancel their subscription (a 'cancel subscription' link is provided in the RINGR subscription panel to take you there):



For more info on managing your subscription via the Appstore please see this Apple support article.

When done, reopen RINGR (Or logout and in again) to pick up the change to your subscription status and then return to or the subscription panel in the RINGR mobile app, where you can resubscribe to RINGR Basic.


Change your billing period

If you're happy with your RINGR subscription but want to change your billing period (for example to take advantage of cheaper pricing for annual plans), then:

if you subscribed via the iTunes Appstore:

The iTunes store allows you to change your billing period for any current subscription. If you hit the 'cancel subscription' button it will pop you over to the Appstore page where you can view or manage your subscriptions and select a different billing period (e.g. change from monthly to annual). 

Please see this Apple support article for more details on how to manage your subscription in the iTunes App Store.

When done, reopen RINGR (Or logout and in again) to pick up the change to your subscription status.


if you subscribed via Credit Card or Google Play

You will need to cancel your current subscription and can resubscribe immediately with the new billing period (don't worry you won't be billed until your current subscription has expired or, where necessary, charges will be automatically pro-rated to account for any unused subscription days).

Alternatively, we can directly administrate subscriptions for existing credit card subscribers. Simply drop us a note at and we'll take care of it for you. 



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