What should I do if I want to use an external microphone?

RINGR Mobile supports any microphone you can connect via the 1/8" audio jack, or on iOS devices microphones connected to the Lightning port. If you have a high-quality studio mic with an XLR connector, we recommend using a device like the IK iRig Pre that lets you connect it to the 1/8" jack. We also support Lightning port mics on iOS, so if you have a digital mic that can connect via Lightning you can use it to get even better quality. If you are using RINGR Desktop, you can use any mic you have connected to your computer – just make sure it's selected as the default input in your OS before starting an interview.

Note that we do highly recommend testing any external mic setup before committing to a long interview with it – do a quick call with a friend, or to yourself,* and check the final audio levels and recording quality. We do everything we can to make sure RINGR sounds great with external mics, but since there are a large number of different devices in use and many different microphones, it's important that you check your own specific configuration to make sure it'll come out great.


*If you have two mobile devices, or both a mobile device and a computer available.

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