What should I do if I want to use an external microphone?

RINGR Mobile supports any microphone you can connect via the 1/8" audio jack, or the Lightning port on IOS devices. If you have a high-quality studio mic with an XLR connector, we recommend using a device such as the IK iRig Pre to connect via the 1/8" jack. If you are using RINGR Desktop, you can use any mic you have connected to your computer – just make sure it's selected as the default input in your OS before starting an interview.

Note that we do highly recommend testing any external mic setup before committing to a long interview. There are so many combinations of devices and microphones that a quick sound check with a friend - to yourself* - to check the final audio levels and recording quality is always a good idea.


*If you have two mobile devices, or both a mobile device and a computer available.

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