How do I make an international call with RINGR?

When you make a call in RINGR we connect you via Voice-over-IP (VoIP), like a Skype call or Facetime etc.. We do NOT use your cell phone number, rather you'll be able to send an invite to your partner's email address that will contain a unique code and link that will allow them to join the call via their desktop web browser (Chrome or Firefox) or via one of our mobile apps (iOS or Android). Links to access RINGR on the web or via one of the mobile apps are provided in the invite email. Hence, you should be able to connect with a participant on the other side of the world quite happily, as long as you both have a reasonably good internet connection.
If you like to do a quick trial run, send yourself (or a friendly volunteer) an invite and you should be able to try a call between your own web browser and your mobile device.


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