How do I import FLAC files into Garageband / Adobe Audition / Cubase / Pro Tools etc.?

Most audio products support importing and exporting MP3 and OGG files as standard, many support FLAC too but some require plugins or other tools to Work with FLAC files.

ADOBE AUDITION has an optional filter designed to allow it to load and save FLAC files, while CUBASE has built-in support.

GARAGEBAND, PRO TOOLS and other tools that don't directly support FLAC files, need the files converted back into a WAV file via another tool, such as iTunes, the FLAC converter, audio converter or x-lossless-decoder.

Finally, there is the excellent Twisted FLAC for OS X users which converts the FLAC files on the fly allowing almost any program open and work with FLAC as if they were WAV files.

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