Is it possible to connect 3 (or more) people and record the conversation?

At this time, RINGR only supports recording 2 people in a conversation. We will be adding conference calling in the future and hope to release this later in 2016.

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    Luke Deer

    Hi Kris,

    Any updates on when 3 way or conference calling for Ringr will be ready? 

    Thank you,


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    Christopher R Gillespie

    Same here. That's the killer feature over other options (e.g. Zencastr)

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    Anne Libby

    I'd love to see this feature too, and I'd be willing to be a beta tester, if you've got something close to ready for prime time.   (It's February 2017 right now.)  Thanks.

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    Tyson Mutrux

    Any updates on this? I subscribed to another service because this feature wasn't available yet. I've heard good things about Ringr, but I can't use it because I have a co-host and we usually have a guest on the show. 

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