How do I download different formats or split tracks?

RINGR always records your audio in a separate track per participant, at the highest quality. After the call is over, we apply syncronisation and post processing algorithms, and are able to produce a variety of mixdowns and formats for your call. You do not need to select the formats beforehand.

RINGR Basic users only have access to standard MP3 mono mixdowns; however, RINGR Premium subscribers (and Free Trial users) can add a format to their call any time after its recorded and download it within seconds. 

To add a format, click on your conversation in the call list of the RINGR account site ( and select Add Format:




...where you can either select a preset or use our custom settings to create the version you need.




If you'd like RINGR to produce a custom file type for every call, make it a default via the tick box at the foot of the screen. This setting can also be adjusted in your account, under audio settings.


Finally, we have some advice on formats at:



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