There are 'whooshing' or 'tinkling' sounds in the background of my recording - what can I do?

RINGR uses a custom levelling and background noise cancellation procedures to improve the audio quality. This works extremely well and gives excellent results.

However, in rare cases very noisy recordings can be left with audible 'artefacts' afterwards. In these cases, RINGR Premium users can use Add Format to add and download individual tracks version for editing, or may find that the Raw version (which does not have noise-cancellation applied to it) sounds more natural.(RINGR Basic users will need to contact RINGR support to access raw recordings for audio with noise cancellation issues.)

To add a format, hit Add Format in the conversation list at:




Select Studio Edit for individual (noise-cancelled) files or Raw Tracks for the raw recordings:




Alternatively, select Custom Settings and choose an appropriate mix:




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